More Preservation Projects

The Mended Wall's Cemetery Wall Preservation Project | Weare, NH | June 2011

Weare, NH Cemetery Wall

Rockledge Cemetery Walls Restoration Project | New Hampton, NH | 2011

Rockledge Cemetery, Before
Rockledge Cemetery, After

Sugar Hill Cemetery Wall

Preservation Project

Weare, NH

Old Farm Wall Restoration and Preservation

Many New England properties are home to old farm walls. Once used to fence in defined areas farm land, many of these walls are in desperate need of repair. Overgrown, untended landscape abounds and these walls, most without attention for decades and simply built from the beginning, go without the attention they deserve.

The Mended Wall's experience includes bringing these farm walls back to life, working with the stone is right there on the property, clearing the landscape area around the walls, taking the old farm walls apart, and putting them back together with structural integrity that will last.

Old Farm Walls

Above: Before Restoration

Below: After Restoration

Old Farm Walls Restored

Stone Wall Restoration Project | Trivium School | Lancaster, Massachusetts | August 2015

Stone wall restoration and preservation project at the Trivium School, an independent, co-educational Catholic day school in Lancaster, Massachusetts. located on a 12-acre Georgian Style country estate, the main building hosts a massive retaining wall that was deteriorating due to time.

Photos show the failing wall and then the existing wall with renovations seamlessly blending the newly restored portions with the old.

Trivium School Wall Project