About Us

Highly skilled with over 30 years of experience, New England stone mason Andrew Spielberger is The Mended Wall.

If QUALITY, TRADITION and INTEGRITY are what you seek for your New England property, Andrew Spielberger is the man for the job.

The Mended Wall Specializes in the Evaluation and Assessment of Old Stone Foundation Repair and Restoration.

With decades of experience working in all facets of stone masonry, The Mended Wall now specializes in  the evaluation, assessment, repair, restoration and preservation of stone foundations. As a dedicated craftsman, Andrew's broad knowledge base, skillful eye and passion for New England stone tradition allow him to offer guidance and referral or, in a more limited availability, work with you personally to design and construct or maintain the integrity of your pre-existing structure with period appropriate reconstruction and enhancements that are both structurally sound and pleasing to the eye. 

While working your project, his commitment and attention are yours alone.

Andrew has decades of experience working with private home owners, towns and municipalities, historical societies, and business owners alike. While broadly available to assess and evaluate your foundation needs,  he is selective about the projects he accepts to work himself, committed to providing the highest quality work to his customers, while preserving New England heritage.

Andrew is passionate about his work.  And his work, is YOUR property.

30+ years experience, fully insured

While The Mended Wall has extensive experience in beautifying areas, including commercial and residential sites, Andrew's primary focus is now preserving the authenticity of Early American constructions with comprehensive old stone foundation work.

Working closely with homeowners or contracted professionals to assess, evaluate, and design the restoration project outcome that is in keeping with both your budget and lifestyle allows The Mended Wall to deliver quality work that provides New England practicality and functionality, while adding structural integrity and value to the property. 

Mended Wall projects are done one at a time.  Your project is what is being focused in order to deliver the results you desire.  Your project receives the attention it deserves.  With Andrew on your job, you can expect to see progress on a daily basis.