With a lengthy background in the preservation of New England stone landscapes and structures, The Mended Wall now specializes in the evaluation, restoration and preservation of old home and barn stone foundations. 

You don't have to be a Native New Englander to create a vivid picture of "New England" in your mind.

Town squares, covered bridges, stone walls, granite posts, gravel roads, country stores and Early-American homes...

The snowy winters, muddy-yet-colorful springs, splendidly warm and bright summers, and the spectacular show of fall foliage as the autumn-crisp settles in... it's New England, rich with history and the pride of preserving it.

Andrew Spielberger of The Mended Wall believes in, and is committed to, the preservation of New England.

Quality |  Tradition  |  Integrity

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation, according to the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance:

"Recognizing and caring for cherished places from our past, and protecting and maintaining them for future generations. Historic preservation begins with an understanding of the sites and structures that give a community its distinctive character and historic sense of place. Historic preservation protects properties from neglect and stimulates economic vitality and community pride."

Why Historic Preservation?

Historic preservation enriches our lives.

"When historical buildings are torn down or deteriorate, a part of our past disappears forever. We lose history that helps us know who we are. We lose opportunities to live and work in the kinds of interesting and attractive surroundings that older buildings provide," NHPA.

By rebuilding an old stone wall you are preserving a piece of history and contributing to the character of our unique region. Just as you wouldn't call upon a dentist to repair your car and call it quality, you want to call upon someone who's craft is authentic when it comes to stone work for your property. Andrew has decades of experience working to restore and preserve New England's stone structures and will work with you to preserve and restore the integrity of your home or barn's foundation walls. 

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With decades of experience beautifying, preserving and restoring New England's stone heritage, The Mended Wall now specializes in the evaluation, preservation, restoration and repair of stone foundations for colonial homes and barns.

See our Foundations page for more information.

Below:  The Mended Wall's preservation project at the Deering Community Church.  Deering, NH. 

Deering, NH Church Steps