Foundation Projects

Stone Foundation Repair and Restoration Projects by Andrew Spielberger of The Mended Wall

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Foundation Repair Project

Cheshire County, NH

December 2020 - January 2021

1805 Federal Style Colonial Home

Gable foundation wall in complete failure and on the verge of collapse, threatening electrical and sewage utilities

28 feet of wall, lengthwise; 6 feet tall, in need of repair

"Faced with a very serious old stone foundation problem, it quickly became clear to me that most contractors I spoke to actually had no idea what the best course of action was. Luckily, through The Mended Wall website, I found Andrew Spielberger. As soon as he came over, I immediately sensed that he knew exactly what he was doing. He proceeded to do a beautiful job on a very challenging situation and came in right at his original estimate. Andrew is deeply knowledgeable, incredibly versatile, meticulous, and the kind of great craftsman who hardly exists anymore. I recommend him without reservation; you will not be disappointed.

A very satisfied customer in Cheshire County"

Antique Barn Foundation Restoration Project

Quaker District of Henniker, NH

Fall 2016

Henniker, Quaker District 2016

Complete take down and rebuild of existing back foundation wall.

Shown Above: Phase 1 of Foundation Repair

Area surrounding foundation has been excavated /dug out for access. Barn jacked / lifted and supported so existing, failing foundation can be taken down and rebuilt.

Quaker District, Week 2

Shown Above: Week 2 and Day 11 of Project, Progress Photos

Shown Below: Final Phase of Barn Foundation Repairs

With the barn having been lifted & supported, the old foundation has been taken apart and rebuilt. These photos show the top part of the rebuilt back wall of the foundation, protected with fabric as it gets back-filled, the interior side of the rebuilt back wall (taken from under the barn), a new retaining wall being built along the back side of the barn, new granite posts on the front side of the barn (replacing the concrete block supports) and extensive drainage work being done.

Quaker District, Final Phase

Stone Foundation Repair Project | Troy, NH | Circa 1832 | Summer 2017

Show Below: Old, failing mortar has been cleaned out and foundation walls have been prepared for new mortar & restoration

Troy, NH: Before
Troy, NH: After

Above: Repointed Foundation Walls with New Mortar

Below: Exterior View of Home and Basement Windows, Before and After Repairs

Troy, NH: Exterior

Foundation Restoration Project | Canterbury, NH | Spring 2017

Take Down and Rebuild of Stone Foundation Walls

Below: Before

Canterbury, NH - Before

Stone Foundation Repair: In Progress

Canterbury, NH
Canterbury, NH Continued

Custom Craftsmanship: Built-in Shelves in the Foundation Wall

Alstead, NH Foundation Repair Poject | 2015 & 2016

Phase 2 | Summer 2016

Alstead, Phase 2

Phase 1 | Spring 2015

Alstead, NH

Stone Foundation Repair & Restoration Project | In-Town, 1870's New Englander | South Berwick, Maine | Summer 2016

South Berwick, ME

Springfield, NH Colonial Farm House Stone Foundation Restoration Project | Summer 2016

Springfield, NH