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The Mended Wall

Quality, Tradition, Integrity

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                      The Mended Wall                      
~Bridging the gap between fine craftsmanship and New England practicality~

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Authentic New England Stone Mason

Andrew Spielberger

 Weare, New Hampshire



Granite / Stone Foundation Repair Hardscape Design

Stone Landscaping Retaining Walls

Cemetery Walls  Free-Standing Stone Walls ●  Walkways

Steps Granite Patios Granite Posts

Stone Veneers Interior Stone Work Culvert Head Walls

Barn Foundations Old Farm Wall Restoration

Granite Arches Architectural Accents

Ornamental Granite, Stone Sculpture & Stone Art Pieces





We invite you to explore the various pages of this site, as well as our PHOTOS page, to assist you with materializing the vision for your property. 

Check back often to see what's new!



The Mended Wall is owned and operated by Andrew Spielberger.


With over 25 years experience in preservation, restoration, repair and new construction projects, Andrew is committed to preserving New England's stone heritage and to working closely with New England property owners.  Each project, whether big or small, is customized to your request.

Each stone is set one at a time.



The Mended Wall is committed to quality and upholding the integrity of Early-American structures as well as creating and recreating the authenticity of

New England's unique architectural history.



The Mended Wall is also proud to offer granite and stone, including Goshen Stone,

delivered or picked up.

Some of NH's finest old weathered stone now available.



The Mended Wall also buys stone and granite from NH properties!

If you have granite, ledge, old stone foundations, cellar holes, etc., please give us a call!



Whether you are  a road-agent looking to have a culvert head-wall reconstructed, a town official seeking quality renovations, restorations or repair work in your town, a business owner re-creating New England appeal for your business property, a landscaping company or custom home builder looking for a skilled mason, an Early-American home owner in search of energy efficiency and in need of foundation repair, rebuilding of walls, steps, walkways, chimneys, patios, etc., or you are purely seeking traditional New England charm, practicality, functionality and effieciency for your property, Andrew has the experience and skill set to get the job done.


The Mended Wall seeks challenging projects using New Hampshire's finest old weathered stone.


Andrew Spielberger, The Mended Wall, 295 Dustin Tavern Road, Weare, NH 03281 (603)529-3156



"My wife and I couldn't be happier with Andrew's work.

The results are amazing.

Not a day goes by that we don't sit and look at the new walls...

Andrew has a real talent with building walls;

picking each stone for size, shape and colors as well as making the wall flow.

We will certainly have him back and refer others to him.

Thank you!"


Mark (Francestown, NH)


Be sure to provide your telephone number, as Andrew does not respond via email.

stone sculpture  granite art  old stone foundations


The Mended Wall, Andrew Spielberger

(603) 529-3156



"The hand-crafted granite pedestal made by Andrew is my favorite way of presenting one of our cakes... whether it be at home, for a celebration or for a wedding.  Not only does is make me love what he does, it makes me love what I do!  And the neat thing is that anything wonderful can be displayed upon it, allowing others to show off their masterpieces!"




"Andrew's walls are the highlight of our property.  Not only are they structurally necessary as part of our hardscape design, they serve as a springboard into the ambience we continually strive to create and a canvas for our landscape and floral design."


Samantha (North Sutton, NH)



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