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Restoring Old Farm Walls
Many New England properties are home to old farm walls.  Once used to fence in defined areas farm land, many of these walls are in desperate need of repair.  Overgrown, untended landscape abounds and these walls, most without attention for decades and simply built from the beginning, go without the attention they deserve.
Andrew Spielberger of The Mended Wall extends to New Englanders the ability to bring these old farm walls back to life... without breaking the bank.
Whereas the stone is right there on your property, Andrew has the ability to come in with his equipment, clear the landscape area around the walls, take your old farm walls apart, and put them back together with structural integrity that will last.  For the most part, it is quick work, and you can expect to see significant change and progress with each day that passes where Andrew is onsite.
                                 Old Farm Wall                                                                          Restored Farm Wall                    
Whether you call it an "old farm wall make-over" or the restoration your piece of New England history and heritage, the cost of having this work done will amaze you, being substantially lower than what you'd surely expect.

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