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The Mended Wall

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Stone Foundation Repair


Now is the time to fix that old foundation

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The Mended Wall offers over 25 years experience specializing in traditional New England stone masonry and offers affordable, comprehensive stone foundation repair and restoration services on Early American homes and barns.


The Mended Wall is often hired for foundation evaluations by home inspectors, buyers and sellers prior to closing. 


Let's face it ... the days of passing down a failing foundation to a new owner are ending.  Whether you are looking to preserve the re-sale value of your property or preserve your property for your family's future, if your foundation needs help, The Mended Wall can restore it's structural integrity.



Typical foundation needs in the preservation of Early American Homes and Barns throughout New England include:   


Straightening of Walls



Tuckpointing / Tuck Repointing

Removal of Organic Matter

Beam Supporting

Granite Cap Straightening

Hardscape Design


The integrity of a home

starts from the foundation up.


17th, 18th & 19th century colonial homes are built upon, depend upon, and will only continue upon, a good foundation.


Foundation repair is an essential part of many older New England homes - due to age, weather, lack of maintenance or an accident.  Many of these homes are in need of major repair simply because of their age, and not only are they no longer structurally sound, but they have air flowing, and in some cases, water flowing, right through the foundation walls.  Nearly all foundations in need of repair require a complete clean-out, otherwise new or surface repairs are simply a Band-Aid.  The Mended Wall provides comprehensive, thorough repairs and rebuilds to ensure the longevity and integrity of your structure.


Although it may not be the most favorable spot of any colonial New England home owner to give his or her attention to, the cellar of your old home is of utmost importance to preserving the integrity and longevity of these homes and in establishing improved energy efficiency.


 Andrew will work to match your existing foundation so that the integrity of your home is maintained.  Repointing your old stone foundation will also decrease or eliminate the cold air from flowing into your basement, providing you with a more energy efficient home. 

The Mended Wall also provides necessary excavation services during projects to ensure your foundation is in good shape going forward.  Water needs to go somewhere as it runs off the room of your structure.  If changing the slope of the land surrounding your foundation is a required aspect of your colonial foundation restoration project, Andrew is equipped to take care of it.


All repairs made to modern day specifications.


With modern updates that include supporting individual framed walls or entire structures while your rubble foundation is repaired, Andrew can preserve, renovate, repair or reconstruct your stone, rubble or granite foundation and provide you with an energy efficient and effective stone foundation that maintains the structural integrity of your home.

With this, the home owner achieves the desired / required outcome of updating the home's foundation while preserving the historical integrity of the Early-American home, while providing significant cost-savings on the repair process and with an end result of improved energy efficiency.


The Mended Wall can also provide complete old stone foundation removal and preparation for a new concrete foundation.  With associates in all areas of expertise required for this modernization of your colonial home, The Mended Wall is the only call you have to make.



Examples of Stone Foundations in Need of Repair

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 If your foundation looks like any of these,

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Andrew Spielberger

The Mended Wall

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Restoring Your Early American Home's Foundation


The time is now to approach these projects,

add structural value to your home and

realize substantial energy savings

Multifaceted Stone Foundation Repair Project

April 2014, In process, Gilmanton, NH

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Stone Foundation Repair Project

Collapsed Section of Wall Rebuild, Auburn, NH, 2013

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Barn Foundation Restoration Project

Greenfield, NH

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Stone Foundation Restoration Project

Beverly, MA

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Chelmsford, MA

Dec. 2012, Victorian Home Foundation Restoration

Before, In-Process and After

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Stone Foundation Restoration Project

Milford, NH

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Stone Foundation Restoration Project

Manchester, NH

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October 20, 2009


Dear Andrew,


I am writing to express just how pleased my husband and I are with you and The Mended Wall.  We are ecstatic to have found such a reputable contractor to work on our foundation.  You exhibit the determination, skill and pride required to deliver quality work.  The quality of your work demonstrates your abilities as a highly skilled craftsman.

We can not sing you enough praises as to your professionalism and quality of your work; as well as your commitment to customer satisfaction.  These are traits that are rarely seen and experienced by contractors to homeowners these days.  You worked extremely hard and very fast.  You are very respectful of my space and my family.  You are extremely knowledgeable in your field.  Your commitment is unyielding to the job at hand.  All of these traits prove to show why you are a master in your trade.


     We realize that our foundation was quite a challenging assignment, but you were able to accomplish all of the goals set forth in our contract despite these difficulties.  We thank you for your determination to finish the job in a timely manner with the patience that the job required. Our basement looks better than it ever has as long as we have owned our house.  Thank you!


     Not only would we not hesitate to contact you for future work, but we have already entered into a second contract with you for future work in January 2010.  We look forward to seeing you in the near future. 


     We will also be sure to spread your name around to others in need, because your work is of the highest caliber and the price is always reasonable! Please feel free to give our names as a satisfied customer to any prospective client should they ask for a reference.


Denise and Cedric Lodge

Manchester, New Hampshire